Free Samples of L’Oreal Metal Detox

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L’Oreal offers free samples of its Metal Detox shampoo and mask with which you will achieve less breakage and a longer-lasting color in your hair.

This promotion consists of Two phases. In a first you can request a sample of L’Oréal Metal Detox to make a first test of the product.

If you like the product you can participate in a second stage which will consist of a draw with 20 prizes of a travel size of the Metal Detox product.

To participate in this second phase you can do so through the QR code that will come with the sample.

And it will be necessary for you to make a purchase, in Primor or Perfumes Clubof at least 30 euros of the indicated products.

Once thoroughly tested, you should make a review of them on the indicated website and thus you will enter the draw.

There will be 10 prizes for Primor participants and another 10 prizes for Perfumes Club participants.

metal-detox from L’Oréal is a product indicated in case of performing color, balayage and bleaching services.

This product takes into account the amount of metals in the hair fiber and allows them to be neutralized.

The results are a reduction in the breakage of the fibers and avoid unwanted color reflections.

How do I get a free sample of L’Oréal?

Request Sample


Once the sample has been received, you can decide whether to participate in the second phase of the promotion and thus enter the draw for the 20 products.

You can check the legal bases in this link.

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