Free Halloween Blossom perfume raffle

Participate in this promotion in which you can discover a play list according to your personality and also enter the perfume draw halloween-blossom.

East feminine perfume It fits with girls who love nature, freedom and the freshness of the countryside.

And it is that its notes of wild strawberries, blackberries, green tangerine and pink pepper embark us on a journey towards nature and the simplest happiness.

And, just as each personality has its own perfume, there is also a suitable playlist for you that you can to find out at the beginning of this giveaway.

Then, you can leave your data to participate in the draw and take 1 Halloween Blossom perfume.

How do I enter the Halloween giveaway?

Go into Giveaway of 1 perfume Halloween Blossom.Answer the questions about your personalityFill in the form with your personal dataShare your playlist through the link to have 1 more participation

Take part

Participate before the draw closes.

And keep an eye on your email notifications in case you are notified that you have won.

Good luck!

Note: I leave an estimated end date of promotion, below, to follow up.

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