Free diaper fitting rooms with Youzz

We have a new campaign Youzz in which you can try diapers for your child/s totally free in exchange for giving your opinion.

If you weren’t familiar with this platform, you’ll love registering because in exchange for giving your opinion and answering questions, you’ll be able to enter various campaigns that will allow you try products for free.

And in addition to leaving your opinion, you will also have to take photos, share them on your networks, etc. In short, missions that will change depending on the campaign and the product.

So, you can start by signing up for this promotion in which, if you are chosen, you will get a magnificent diaper lot adjusted to your little one.

How do I sign up for the Youzz campaign?

Go into Youzz diapers campaign.Sign up or log inConnect any of your social networks to the new Youzz profileClick on ‘Qualification questionnaire’Answer the questions about your buying habits

sign me up

And that’s it, participate as soon as possible because we don’t know until when this promotion will be available.

If your profile matches what they’re looking for, they’ll select you as a tester.

and you will have to perform actions like photographs of the product with you, family or friends and share them on your social networks.

So stay tuned in case they notify you that you have been selected.


Note: I leave an estimated end date of promotion, below, to follow up.

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