Free: 100,000 Lush Bath Bombs (Today Only)

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Lush celebrate this April 27 the birthday of his famous invention, bath bombs. And he does it by giving away 100,000 worldwide.

Just as you hear it, if this Wednesday the 27th you go to a Lush store you will be able to choose between 9 experiences of bath bomb and they will give it to you for free.

Bath bombs are little pieces of ephemeral art in your bathtub.

In addition to filling your bath time with colors they will take care of your skin with its oils and careful compositions.

How do I get the Lush offer for free?

Take a look at “Lush Store Listing” to select the one closest to you.Tell the shop assistants about the “Bath Bomb Day” promotion.You can also show them East message from Lush on their social networks.

get gift

The promotion will be active during today, April 27, 2022until the units available to give away are exhausted.

Take advantage of it and enjoy a special moment for you full of magic.

Go for it!

(Click on the category if you want to see more promotions of this type) Gift: 100,000 free Lush bath bombs Link:Free: 100,000 Lush Bath Bombs (Today Only) Mechanics: Go to a Lush store to request the gift Bases Not Found Time: 60 Minutes

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