Franco Rinaldi and Martín Tetaz were involved in a traffic accident

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Martin Tetaznational deputy for the City of Buenos Aires, and the journalist and former deputy candidate Franco Rinaldi were involved in a traffic accident in which a delivery girl was run over. The incident occurred this Friday morning at the intersection of the Las Heras Avenue and Billinghurst.

The young 24-year-old cyclist suffered a hip fracture and is in the Fernandez Hospital. While the victim’s family denounced that the author of the crash was Tetaz, both the official part of the Buenos Aires police and Rinaldi assured that it was he himself who was driving the vehicle that hit the girl.

“I was driving alone in the car. I have a special adaptation to drive,” explained the political scientist who uses a wheelchair due to a disability.

Franco Rinaldi ran over a delivery in Barrio Norte. (Courtesy TN)

On the contrary, the girl’s family pointed out to the deputy: “A witness told us that he was driving Tetaz at high speed and was drunk,” said Lucas, the girl’s boyfriend of the run over girl, in communication with AM750.

In dialogue with the program This morning that is broadcast on Radio Rivadavia, Rinaldi reported: “I was coming down Las Heras Avenue on the green wave and out of nowhere this girl crossed in front of the car. I think it’s on the cameras how she crossed,” he added.

“I immediately called the SAME who came to look for her in a few minutes,” he added, while saying that “all the tests were normal” and added: “Martín Tetaz lives near the area. When the accident happened, he came from dinner with him and I called him to see if he could come closer,” he said about the alleged role of the deputy in the incident.

For his part, Tetaz revealed in statements to TN: “We went to eat with a friend, Franco Rinaldi, he finished dinner and, as soon as I entered my house, he called me telling me that he ran over a girl and wanted to know that he was fine”, Indian.

“Franco has a disability. I went downstairs urgently, there was a delivery girl on the floor and the police were there. First I checked that she was fine, then I went to see how Franco was doing and stayed with him until the ambulance arrived, at the The girl was transferred to Fernández”, he added.

He also added: “Apparently Franco is circulating in the green wave and the girl came from the wrong direction, Franco did not see her, he braked and the girl hit the hood. There is no bike lane in that area,” he asserted.

Franco Rinaldi and Martin Tetaz were involved in a traffic

At the same time, Tetaz published his disclaimer on Twitter: “In the face of miserable journalistic versions, I want to tell you that yesterday a friend, Franco Rinaldi, had an accident on the corner of my house (he hit a girl who was crossing, on a bike, in the opposite direction )”, wrote.

The deputy said that he had dined with Rinaldi in Zero Pizza. After the crash, and after notifying 911, Rinaldi called him to ask him to come and assist him and the victim. “Franco has a disability and he could not by his own means. When he arrived, the police were already controlling the scene,” Tetaz added in his publication.

“Some miserable people wanted to say that I was driving, which doesn’t make sense because I live 4 blocks from Pizza Cero, but also because Franco’s car has special controls due to his disability and I wouldn’t even know how to make it start. I reserve legal action “, completed the deputy.

On the other hand, the police report of the accident released hours later by the city ​​policeensures that the person responsible for the accident was Rinaldi with his own car, which has special commands for people with disabilities.

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