For Macri, "the Government found its worst enemy within the ruling party itself"; Santiago Cafiero: "Transformations require the unity of the coalition"; Ukraine says a visit by Pope Francis would end the war; Lollapalooza Day 2: The Strokes, Nicki Nicole and Machine Gun Kelly set it all on fire, and much more…

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The novelty of this Lollapalooza is undoubtedly the strength of the line up with national artists who have maximum projection and presence at an international level, hence its appeal. For their part, the foreigners who stepped on the stages of LollaAr 2022 unraveled with each show as expected. Day 2 with: Nicki Nicole, Khea, Machine Gun Kelly, El Mató, The Strokes, Doja Cat, just to mention a few, and surprise guests such as: Bizarrap, Duki, NTVAG and María Becerra; all on this note. I kept reading here…

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