Fine Street: "I would love to do something with Bizarrap and get to Luna Park"

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Of Paraguayan roots, in the house of Simón Nattanael Alvarenga AKA Fine street map a lot was heard polka and cachaça. At 13 she discovered the rapbut in his stories you can also find a song by Piero, precursor of the National rock. That’s how musically nurtured he always was.

Today you hear it in every car, cell phone, speaker, story or joke that is frequent. But the career of this current underground artist didn’t start with “Pa Tra RKT”, but goes back much further.

met 50 Cent, Tupac and Eminem for the “Fast and Furious” movie. Thanks to a cousin of his who showed him Fuerte Apache, he understood that rap could also be done in his language. And thanks to a classmate from high school who filled his mp3 with songs, he discovered that there were many more rappers.

With that same partner he began to shoot free. They wanted to record at his house, but the mother kicked them out. The square was the other option. They fell to the mythical halabalusa (in which Dtoke, Klan and T&K competed). “When we arrived, a boy came with a little notebook and said ‘Who raps?’ ‘How do I sign you up?’ he asked me. ‘Street Fine’ I saidaccount in dialogue with

Thus was born the artistic alias under which he would upload his first songs to Facebook. “My legacy”written for her mother, was the first song to reach a million views on the F platform.

“My mom is the only one who banked me from minute 0”, He says. “When I told her ‘I want to be a singer, I’m going to rap, she was the only one.”

“It’s hard to say that I never did this for fame, but it’s true,” he continues. “Yes, I imagined being known, having followers, going to sing. But I never did it thinking about that. I did it just to have fun. That’s how things went until I started to connect with people who also recorded and had crazy ideas like me and we started filming and recording. Like this, every day in the studio.”

Despite having an electronic anklet, he has been able to give live shows for some time. “It’s crazy. I wouldn’t know how to explain it to you, you would have to go to a show and see it. I don’t know what the shows of the other artists will be like, but the people who follow me go crazy. I have no idea what the shows will be like. other shows, but mine are unique. Or they should be for me,” he says excitedly.

Thanks to the boom of “Pa Tra RKT” it began to sound beyond Derqui. His music played on José C. Paz, San Miguel, Pilar and even San Isidro, “which is very far from my neighborhood”. And like any great theme, it has a great story.

“I had 3 songs to put out, and to decide which one to go with, I showed them to different people. My grandmother who likes polka, my aunt who likes electronics, my mom who likes Marco Antonio Solís and the kids who stop with me. everyone told me ‘It’s PA TRA‘” he recounts.

He didn’t have much faith in ‘Pa Tra’, says Nata, as his acquaintances call him. “He had already pulled an RKT and it was weird.” To record the video, they did the classic events in the patio of their house in which many artists from the neighborhood fall, they bring their people, as well as food, clothes and toys for the needy children. “It was the first topic that came out in a timely manner on the platforms, my Instagram, everywhere. A day had 70,000 views. ‘What?’ I thought. It’s a lot of people 70,000 people. The next day it was already 200k. Within a week he had a million. It was really crazy. Obviously he scored.”

Today, that version has 55 million views on YouTube. And the remix, released a month ago, 14 M.

“To get them all together was an issue because we had to shoot it in one day,” he says. Here the intervention of Fili Wey, an artist friend of the Street, was key. “He was always with me in the studio and did a lot to manage the rmx of ‘Pa Tra’. My thing is to get into the studio to make music, so as Fili was verified, he started throwing the song everywhere. And Suddenly everyone said ‘Yes, I’ll join'”.

A bit like L-Gante, Callejero Fino brings up songs one after the other. He does not follow the rules of the industry. Among his latest releases is “Chetos vs Turros” along with another revelation from under Alejo Isakk and this Sunday comes another feat.

As he learns to play the keyboard, he confesses to “I never talked to Bizarrap, but I’d be cool to do something with him, I’d love to.” And if he has to dream of a venue, he says moon park not hesitate. “But also I would like to do such a big event like Lollapaloozawith a band of people and everyone watching”.

The momentum and impact it has had in recent months were meteoric, but he only thinks of one thing two years from now: “I would love to be on a beach enjoying myself with my son because now I can’t go out. I imagine giving a show with him there on the beach. It would be a success”.

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