Filorga raffles a lot with the products of the TIME FILLER

In this super giveaway Filorga In networks you can win the complete TIME range to delay the signs of aging and wrinkles on your skin.

The range of treatments Time Filler It is inspired by aesthetic medicine techniques that visibly correct all types of wrinkles and effectively combat the signs of aging.

The lot with the products of the TIME-FILLER range is composed of these 5 products:

Time-Filler intensive: Multi-corrective facial serum that smoothes all types of wrinkles in 7 days.Time-Filler eyes: Reduces wrinkles, dark circles and enhances the eyelids.Time-Filler 5XP cream or gel-cream: Acts simultaneously on 5 types of wrinkles, thanks to its 5XP formula inspired by 5 aesthetic medicine techniques. Time-Filler Night: Multi-correction anti-wrinkle cream that visibly reduces wrinkles every night. Time-Filler Mask: Second skin effect mask with the power of a concentrated serum, for smooth and visibly younger skin in 15 minutes.

How do I participate in the Filorga Laboratories draw?

Take part

You have time until March 8 of 2022 to participate.

The communication to the winners will be made through a private Instagram or Facebook message during the following 48 hours after the end of the draw and in the same publication.

we leave you a link to Google Calendar for you to wear a reminder dated 10-03 and check if you have won.

Good luck!

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