Fernando Báez Sosa’s mother responded to Lucas Pertossi’s father’s words

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Grace Sosathe mother of Fernando Baez Sosaresponded to the statements of Mark Pertossifather of Lucas Pertos (22), one of the rugbiers arrested for the crime of the young man, who was beaten to death by the group at dawn on January 18, 2020, at the exit of the Le Brique bowling alley, in Villa Gesell.

“He will have to prove it in court,” said the woman in dialogue with TN, after Pertossi, who is also the uncle of Luciano and Ciro Pertossi, two other young men who were part of the beating, each one playing a role , maintains that his son is “innocent” and that “he is in prison” for “a word he said”. The three Pertossi remain detained in the mayor of Melchor Romero in La Plata.

“It is an offense that you consider your son to be a good person. He has no heart. I don’t know if I should call him human… My son was murdered, everyone is guilty. Everyone had a role. And everyone enjoyed what they did,” continued Graciela Sosa, who concluded: “They do not deserve to be loose in society. My son deserves exemplary justice.”

The parents of Fernando Báez Sosa visited the place where their son was murdered

The cause is carried forward by Oral Criminal Court No. 1 de Dolores, who pointed to Lucas Pertossi as “the person who filmed his friends” while Fernando was beaten to death by his friends.

In addition, after the fact that they unleashed at the entrance door of the bowling alley, it was learned that Pertossi sent an audio in the group shared by the rugbiers, in which he is heard saying: “Friend, I am here near where the kid is and They’re all screaming. The police are there, they called the ambulance. Deciduous“.

The statements of Marcos Pertossi

The man was approached by a Telenoche mobile, where he said: “Lucas is deprived of his liberty for something I do not understand, I cannot find an explanation. He is very ill.”

“What happened is not very clear. I say it speaking of Lucas. In that situation he was sitting down, he sees that they are beating a friend, he is going to separate him, he does not know who the boy is… he lets go of him and stays filming, I don’t know. Lucas is in prison for a filming and for a word he said. He is very used to speaking that way. He always says ‘expired’ but at no time did he think the boy was dead, “he continues.

“You cannot go to jail for filming. So you have to put everyone who was filming in prison. There is nothing (in the file) that compromises him, he has nothing. I am talking about Lucas. He is totally innocent” , he insisted.

Consulted by Fernando’s family, Pertossi closes: “How can I not be moved? I put myself in the place of Fernando’s father and mother, and I have that pain. I know what they are feeling, I have it I’m on the other side. There are nights that I don’t sleep and I think about this boy a lot.”

Eight rugbiers are arrested and charged for the crime: Max Thomsen (22), Cyrus Pertossi (twenty-one), Luciano Pertossi (twenty), Lucas Pertos (22), Enzo Comelli (twenty-one), Matias Benicelli (22), blas cinalli (20) and Ayrton Violaz (22). The oral trial is scheduled for January 2023.

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