Philip Pettinato He will continue his treatment in a clinic specializing in addictions. More than a month after the fire in his apartment where his friend, the neurologist, died Melchior Rodrigothe young person will be transferred to another health center.

This was reported this afternoon by journalist Pablo Layus in Intruders, who stated that “he will be totally incommunicado” for the next few months and that after an estimated time, “health professionals will assess whether he is in a position to take a walk,” which will depend of the Judicial decision, since his case is being investigated.

“I think it is the first time that work is going to be done on his recovery seriously,” said the communicator regarding the treatment that Felipe will carry out in the EIRA Foundationlocated in Tortuguitas.

“He is going to be hospitalized for 60 days. This Foundation emphasizes the first stage, in sports activity. To a healthier life. Many specialists say that the best way to help kids get out of drugs has to do with sports But here they put a lot of emphasis on having a healthy life. They start on that side, with psychologists, with psychiatrists. They are really difficult 60 days for him, “he explained.

The Foundation has as a requirement to admit a patient, is that both he (in this case) and his family agree with the decision of hospitalization. Question related to the modifications that weeks ago, Tamara Pettinato suggested that he should do the Mental Health Law.

Felipe Pettinato will be transferred to a clinic specializing in

Felipe Pettinato will continue his treatment at a clinic specializing in addictions

For the journalist, tragedies like the one her brother experienced could “have been avoided if the mental health law were different.” “If the families of psychiatric patients could intervene earlier and not wait for something like this to happen and then they just help you. Today they don’t hospitalize him for a year or two, after 15 days they release him and it’s no use, it’s very difficult and we ended up helping each other between families, the same thing happened to him. I was talking a lot with Chano’s mom (Marina Charpentier) and recommends you do this and that because you don’t know who to turn to for help,” he said when he returned to And now who can help us? (Radio con vos), a program where he works.

“By the time I make the decision to have him hospitalized, I am his enemy, it is very difficult for him to understand that it is for his own good, but we have already been through this several times, so the first time the decision is made is the strongest of all. , then one gets cold and no matter how much he cries and tells you ‘why am I doing this to him’, you have to be convinced that it is for his good and that one day he will see it, “said Tamara at that time.

If you are going through or know someone in a situation of addiction, you can contact the free line 141, or virtually. Anonymous assistance throughout the country 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

By Geeke