Felipe Fort revealed that his family rejected one of the proposals for the company

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Philip Fort He returned from Miami and is willing to join the board of the prestigious family business, now that he is of legal age.

For some time now, Ricardo Fort’s son has been proposing some ideas that he wants to incorporate into the candy factory and when he arrived in the country, the noteros asked him about these actions.

The first thing Felipe enunciated upon arrival was: “I came back because I want to be in the company”, he told, upon arriving in Ezeiza and being intercepted by cell phones.

Asked about the proposals, the young man expressed: “We want to make the biggest Marroc and I want to make a chocolate in the style of Two Hearts, with a similar style, not the same, but with phrases from Ricky”, said.

Then he clarified that some ideas already have the go-ahead, but instead they gave the thumbs down to others: “For some things they gave me the go-ahead but for other things they didn’t. The Two Hearts with Ricky’s phrases told me no, but the Marroc is more on track“, he assured.

In addition, another of his ideas, adding Ricardo dolls to Jack with surprise, did not come to fruition either. “With Eduardo we discussed ideas and they told me ´let’s see´. If he likes it, he tells me and if not, too”.

In turn, Felipe responded about the sayings of his cousin Thomas Fort, who recommended Ricardo’s children to train and study, and about that he answered very sensibly: “The reality is that I don’t have any studies, I’m studying but I haven’t finished anything. At a certain point, he’s right.”

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