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It has been speculated that the next season of “Fear the Walking Dead” will include the return of Madison Clark. The production is moving to Savannah, Ga., for the season eight premiere. While the premiere date has not been announced, the show’s return is definitely a positive sign.

Madison Clark’s return to “Fear the Walking Dead”

Madison Clark’s return to “Fear The Walking Dead” is a bit of a letdown, but it doesn’t mean her story is over. Her character was one of the show’s most compelling. She has been a staple of the show for three seasons, and her recurring role in the midseason finale made her a fan favorite. While her death in the midseason finale felt definitive, Madison’s return on the show left viewers wondering if she really was dead.

During the midseason finale, Madison Clark faked her death by dying in a baseball diamond. The series’ showrunners have since retconed the situation, and we will now see Madison’s recurring role in the show. This return of Madison Clark could be a major turning point for the show. Unfortunately, this show suffers from terrible scripts, preposterous scenarios, and bad production.

In the fourth season of the show, Madison Dickens’ character was killed, so showrunners considered bringing Madison back. In December, AMC announced that Dickens will reprise her Madison Clark role in season seven and eight. Fans of the show can catch all the episodes of Season 7 on AMC+. This episode will mark the 100th episode of “Fear the Walking Dead,” which airs on AMC+.

Madison Clark’s return to “Fear The Walking Dead” comes a year after her departure from the series. She played Madison Clark from the series’ beginning until season 4 and will make her return in season eight. The actress is also excited about the chance to bring back the character in the new season.

Characters returning to “Fear the Walking Dead” in season 8

Fear the Walking Dead is the spinoff of AMC’s hit zombie show The Walking Dead. It has run for seven seasons now, starting as a prequel and running concurrently with the main storylines. Many of the characters from Fear the Walking Dead have crossed over into the main series’ storylines. Here are a few of them.

There will be some returning characters from season 7, including the late Alicia Dawson, who played a pivotal role in the series for four seasons. Although she sacrificed herself during an explosion at the end of Season 7, it’s unclear whether her death will have an impact on the storyline in Season 7B. Austin Amelio, Mo Collins, and Danay Garcia have all been confirmed to return to the series, as well as Christine Evangelista and Ruben Blades.

Kim Dickens is also set to return to the series in Season 8, reprising her role as Madison Clark. Dickens first appeared on the show as a guest star during Season 7, but is set to return in Season 8 as a series regular. While Dickens will be back for the final season of the show, her appearance in Season 8 will only be the first of many appearances she’ll make in the upcoming seasons.

Madison Clark is a major character returning to Fear the Walking Dead in season 8. She was thought to be dead when her character was killed in the fire at the baseball stadium in Season 4. However, Ian Goldberg revealed that Madison Clark was alive and will return to the series in Season 8.

Production moves to Savannah, Ga.

It was recently announced that Fear the Walking Dead will move its production to Savannah, Georgia, for season eight. The popular television show began in Los Angeles, but after three seasons, filmed in Vancouver, Baja California, and Mexico. Season 8 is currently shooting in the southern city, and is expected to debut later this year. Production of the first half of the new season is scheduled to begin in September, with the second half following a few months later.

The cast and crew of the upcoming eighth season of Fear the Walking Dead are looking for new cast members. The cast is open to both women and men and can be from any ethnicity. No audition is required, though applicants must be 18 and over. Participants must be reliable drivers and have a COVID test. The casting call will take place on Sunday, June 26.

The cast of Fear the Walking Dead is set to change drastically. After the penultimate episode of season 7, Alycia Debnam-Carey announced her departure from the show. However, her character, Madison Clark, played by Kim Dickens, made a surprise comeback during the season finale.

After filming four seasons in Texas, Fear the Walking Dead is moving to Savannah, Ga for season eight. Previously, the series shot in Austin, California.

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