Falklands War nurses will receive a distinction for their enormous work

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The 14 nurses who participated in the Falklands War will receive diplomas as a distinction for their enormous work on behalf of the Legislature of the City of Buenos Aireswhich approved this Thursday a resolution that expresses its recognition of their “tireless” work they carried out in the midst of the armed conflict in 1982.

the professionals Alicia Reynoso, Stella Morales, Ana Masitto, Gladis Maluendes, Gisela Bassler, Sonia Escudero, Stella Botta, Mirtha Rodríguez, Elda Solohaga, Mónica Rosa, Mónica Rodríguez, Marta Arce, Esther Moreno Y Liliana Colin They will be recognized for their “tireless work during the South Atlantic Conflict in the Relocatable Military Hospital, in the IX Comodoro Rivadavia Air Brigade, in pursuit of the integral well-being of the soldiers, always seeking to provide them with assistance and support in their most difficult moments.”

This was detailed in the resolution -to which Télam agreed- created by the legislator John Modarelli (of the Front of All), who as fundamentals raised the “need to show what women meant during the Malvinas War”, while defining their role as “essential” and stressed that none of the nurses were over 25 years old ” and responded to the call of the Air Force to enlist”.

Although the original plan was for the nurses to work on the islands, they remained on the mainland due to a “political decision of the military regime” that ruled Argentina at the time; an issue highlighted by Modarelli, accompanied in this initiative by his fellow members of the block Javier Andrade, Matías Barroetaveña, María Bielli, Maia Daer, Claudio Ferreño, Berenice Iañez, Claudio Morresi, Cecilia Segura, Magdalena Tiesso Y Franco Vitaly.

“His work was extraordinary, his containment, attention and medical wisdom were of invaluable contribution. It is essential to make his story known,” concluded the legislator.

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