un jugador de elden ring se desconecta en combate contra radagon

An Elden Ring player was having a rough time after being disconnected in a battle against Radagon.

As a user of video games, especially in shooters or RPGs -where the battle is extremely important to continue with the main narrative and thus level up-, one of the most common fears is losing the connection at the wrong time; this because it would imply the loss of progress that you have managed to make with a lot of effort.

For example, no player would want to face a terrifying enemy in a battle that will define their status within the main story, and after much time has passed studying his movements, improving his technique, attacks and tools to defeat himalmost achieved his goal and suddenly the screen goes dark, he can’t fight anymore… Goodbye, game!

Well, this has been the story of many players, who felt frustrated and upset after realizing that they would have to start from scratch. Especially when the titles are demanding enough to have to improve the combat skills to the maximum and good reflexes, like Elden Ring.


Elden Ring matches are known for their difficulty.

Connection problems also affect an Elden Ring player

There have been many reviews, both positive and negative, for Elden Ring, since its release in February of this year, however, no one can deny that one of the strongest points of this open world is its level of difficulty. FromSoftware is known for having brought sagas like Dark Souls to the market, which basically stand out for being a challenge for their players.

In the case of Elden Ring, the boss fights are highly entertaining and, thanks to their wide range of moves, keep any player watching the fight on their toes at all times. And although there are those who lose hundreds of times to bosses like Malenia, the Sword of Miquella; Maliketh, the Black Blade, or Commander Niall; others, meanwhile, are unlucky enough to have much going for them except connection. So that, this unlucky player got disconnected during the boss fight Radagon of the Golden Order.

Surely this name already rings a bell, since Radagon of the Golden Order is one of the most famous bosses in the Elden Ring.. And any player who wants to end the main story must face him. In fact, he is the most important character in Elden Ring from a narrative perspective. He was married to Rennala, the Full Moon Queen, but later became Queen Marika’s consort when she exiled Godfrey, the First Lord of the Elden. Later, when you make significant progress on the Corhyn questline in the Elden Ring, Radagon is revealed to be the male half of Marika.

Despite it is not as difficult as Malenia, Radagon is a real challenge. His combat is divided into two phases and he transforms into the Beast of the Elden once he has been defeated. The second phase begins after Radagon has been killed, while the transformation to the Beast is shown. It was in this scenario that the player saw a completely different ending than he expected.

A Reddit user, known as Urgent_asap, shared a short video showing his unfortunate moment in the battle against Radagon. In it, we can see an intense fight between the player and the boss, who initially seems to be in total control of the confrontation. Suddenly, the buff dodges Radagon’s deadly attacks and hits him repeatedly with Radagon’s sword, nearly wiping out his foe’s health bar. After this hot streak of hits, Urgent_asap manages to take down Radagon, but the following happens:

Once the Elden Ring fan manages to kill Radagon of the Golden Order, a warning message from the game appears on their screen. In it, it is explained that your game has been disconnected from the Elden Ring servers and that you will return to the title screen, losing all your progress on the spot. Of course, the user was distressed by it since he had ten vials of crimson tears to control the match. But now he would have to fight the enemy again.

Many of the Reddit users were amused by this terrible moment for the Elden Ring fan, while others asked the developers to fix this problem so no one else would have to go through it.

By Geeke