El Planteo is the first web diary to launch in the Metaverse

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The Spanish-speaking media The Plantingdedicated to disseminating news and information on cannabis, hemp, CBD, psychedelics, gender and sexual diversity issues, ecology, investments, local culture, trends, music, cryptocurrencies and more, is now available in the metaverse.

This action makes the site founded by Argentines Javier Hasse and Natalia Kesselmanalong with the Persian-American Cynthia Salrizadeh, in the first media outlet in the Western world to launch into the metaverse.

Located in the Higher Life CBD Dispensary cannabis dispensary and marijuana business of rapper Jim Jones and jeweler Alex Todd, Saucey Farms, the virtual newsstand that offers access to El Planteo, is located in the Cryptovexels universe.

To access you must enter the ElPlanteo.com portal from the metaverse following this link.

“There are no precedents that we know of for Spanish-language media being launched into the metaverse. The same can be said about media focused on innovative themes like ours, from cannabis to psychedelics to freestyle rap,” he said. Javier HasseCEO and co-founder of El Planteo.

“Thus, El Planteo joins a trend that until now only Time magazine and the Chinese magazine Mo Magazine, of the e-commerce giant Alibaba, have been able to exploit,” added Hasse.

Brandon Howard, CEO of Higher Life CBD Dispensary, where the new El Planteo newsstand is located, added, “I can’t think of a better partner for this initiative. The metaverse knows no borders and this new alliance is proof of that.”

What is the Metaverse?

The metaverse is a shared and decentralized virtual universe that works on a chain of blocks (blockchain). It is a vital experience that allows people to interact simultaneously in real time.

It is a place where almost anything is possible. The metaverse even has a fully functional digital economy. Think of it as a concurrent digital version of our reality.

The metaverse is a science fiction concept that many people in the tech industry envision as the successor to today’s internet.

El Planteo is a communication medium focused on green and youth issues such as cannabis, hemp, psychedelics, music, ecology, cryptocurrencies, gender and sexuality issues, and more.

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