Eels Aguinaga gives away E50000 in prizes

Register the purchase receipt of a product Eels Aguinaga in promotion to participate in the draw instantly for one of the prizes of €10 or €2500.

Angulas Aguinaga has brands that make their products with raw materials from top qualitybringing to the Spanish table the best of the sea:

The Gluttony of the North with your prepared dishes, Krissia and its fish sticks that provide a high protein content, Aguinamar with its seafood products ready to microwave and serve.

With these Angulas Aguinaga products, in addition to eating healthy and delicious, you can win prizes in € instantly.

You can consult the list of Angulas Aguinaga products in promotion in Annex I of the Legal Bases.

The Awards are:

610 prizes of €102 prizes of €2,500

How do I participate in the Angulas Aguinaga draw?

Take part

To the instant you will know if you have won.

All participants who are not winners will receive a coupon by e-mail. €0.50 discount to exchange for Royal, La Gula del Norte, Aguinamar and Krissia brand products.

You have time from June 1 to September 30th of 2022.

Prizes in € will be delivered by bank transfer.

Go for it!

You can check the legal bases in this link.

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