Ed Sheeran won the lawsuit quotshape of youquot and received

The plagiarism accusation came to an end and Ed Sheeran received compensation for more than a million dollars to cover his legal expenses, after winning the legal “battle”, for the accusation of plagiarism of the song “Shape of You”, of the 2017.

This was at the beginning of April, when the High Court of London had given the cause in his favor, to the artist. The judge was Antony Zacaroli and ruled that the plaintiffs should pay him 1 million 125 thousand dollarsfor court costs.

To put in context, Sheeran’s song had been accused of plagiarism from Sami Choki’s “Oh Why”, from 2015, something that Zacaroli resolved as the British singer “neither deliberately nor unconsciously copied even a phrase, when writing “Shape of You”, which was the best-selling song in the UK in 2017.

By Geeke