Easter in Puerto Madryn: These are the tourist activities of the Patagonian city

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With temperatures over 26 degrees, the Chubut city of Puerto Madryn inaugurates the Holy Week 2022, four days that promise to offer the best of its maritime tradition.

From this Thursday, April 14 to Sunday, April 17, the Patagonian city is preparing to receive its tourists with dozens of activities in the best local style: whale watching, trekking, artisanal fishermen fair, snorkeling with sea lions and many more.


The excursion to Advanced Hill It is in a 4×4 truck and begins with a tour of the southern area of Puerto Madryna city tour with a visit to Point Caves and the historical monument The Tehuelche Indian. The excursion covers approximately 40 km and has an estimated duration of 3 hours.

Then a short tour of the beach Kaiser and panoramic points, by unconventional paths going up and down canyons. Interpretation of intertidal zones is also carried out, passing through Parana Beach where you can see the “Folias” (sunken ship on these coasts where diving is practiced).

Throughout the route, you will pass through field tracks, dunes and cliffs. Along the way, recognition of restingas and marine fossils are also carried out, sedimentary formations millions of years old that preserve fossil remains of oysters and marine vertebrates among their geological strata, which are part of the invaluable paleontological heritage of the area.

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Interpretation of the flora of the place is also carried out, until reaching the panoramic point “Advanced Hill”, where a mini reconnaissance of the place is made on foot. The Hill is located at 102 meters above sea level and from that point you can see the entire Peninsula Valdes and the New Gulf.

To the right it is observed Tip Nymphs and on the other sector of the mouth you can see the Morro Nuevo Lighthouse. For those seeking a connection with nature, it is a place where silence and landscapes invite you to take a deep breath and relax.


On Friday, April 15, a new edition of the Via Crucis Submarine, the great attraction that the city offers for the celebration of Holy Week. A unique event where part of the procession takes place underwater with a cross adapted for immersion.

Kayakers, professional and sports divers accompany the priest or consecrated layman who recounts the way of the cross from under the water, through a hydrophone.

The underwater procession ends with the exit to the beach of the group of divers accompanying the cross. Out of the water, the faithful await them who, in silence, carry candles and entrust their wishes and prayers.

Recognized worldwide, the underwater Way of the Cross is one of the most convening and attractive events this week.

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From April 13 to 18, the Artisanal Fishermen’s Fair, a gastronomic proposal that has been carried out for 18 years and has already become a classic in the city. There, the artisanal fishermen of the area organize themselves to offer the community their very fresh products in a tour of stands.

At the fair you can buy the classics of local cuisine, paellas, seafood marinades and seafood empanadas. In addition, local craft beer producers, pastry shops and chocolate shops are added, complementing the proposal and expanding the walk.

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• Dolphin watching: The star of the low season in Puerto Madryn is the sighting of several species of dolphins. It is one of the activities that ends in the summer season and Easter is the last weekend to do this outing.

• Orca season in Península Valdés: the killer whales summon photographers from all over the world between the months of September and April. In the Punta Norte and Caleta Valdés Reserves, you can see how they intentionally wash up on the beach to feed.

• Snorkeling with wolves: At high tide, you go by boat to Punta Loma, where hundreds of sea lions wait anxiously to jump into the water and play with their visitors. Recommended for children and adults, this activity allows direct contact with the local fauna without interfering with their natural habits and allowing them free access at all times.

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• Diving and underwater baptisms: In natural rock reefs, sunken ships and artificial parks, both underwater baptisms and deep dives are emblematic activities of Puerto Madryn. One by one and in a personalized way, the adaptation begins with the instructor.

After several minutes in the water, the descent begins, which lasts around 20 minutes. There, the underwater bottom is explored and the flora and fauna of the area are discovered. The service includes attention on the ground, transfers, complete equipment, personalized instruction and snack on board.

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