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EA and Maxis have sent out a survey with questions that do not delve into your preferences at all.

Electronic Arts and Maxis are in the middle of the development of the sims 5, but its release is still far away. This has allowed download free the sims 4 to make the wait more enjoyable for the players. Meanwhile, EA has sent out a fan survey of the saga to get feedback on the game, but it has been insufficient. Players have complained that they formulate very superficial questions that they didn’t like it.

Los The Sims 4 forums They are a good meeting place to share opinions and concerns. I’m sure EA takes good note, just like finally fixed one of the most annoying bugs of the simulator. However, EA and Maxis have sent out a survey to know the impressions from first-hand players. The problem is that users believe that these are not questions that allow them to delve into some topics design and mechanics.

The questions have been made vaguely to determine player satisfaction. Mainly it has been asked if they believe that the The Sims 4 content It is enough, but it does not offer the possibility of qualifying the answers. Users can only reply with an indicator of “very dissatisfied” to “very satisfied”, something that has completely disappointed. “I think a lot of questions are they focused too much on quantity and the timing of the content, when they should have asked more about whether there is enough depth,” explained one Sims fan.

EA and Maxis, focused on the development of The Sims 5

Although they are questions about The Sims 4, the truth is that they seem target the new generation of the game. This survey coincides with the testing phase of The Sims 5 which has ended with the leak of the first official images of the game. EA may be collecting information from players to make development decisions of the most awaited delivery. Some of these questions allowed for choice of life simulator preferences with responses such as “I prefer video games that allow me to create my own world” or “I prefer video games that have a story I can immerse myself in.”

Clown in The Sims 4

The Clown is a recurring character in The Sims.

Does this mean that the sims 5 can they have a story mode? We will have to wait to find out what the intentions are about the René Project. At the moment, the only real thing is that The Sims 4 receives a lot of content to continue creating the most complete experience ever seen in a simulator. Despite the fact that EA and Maxis are focused on the development of The Sims 5, the usual gamers will continue enjoying the game fully.

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