E500 draw in Benefit products

Participate in the interactive game of Sephora to take you 1 safe prize and 1 participation in the raffle of €500 in products benefits.

So be very careful, because if you follow the steps you can win a pack of insurance prizes that will be distributed until the end of stock.

This pack is made up of two incredible mascaras and a bag that you can redeem by making a €35 purchase or more in Benefit:

They’re Real Magnet: Mascara that lengthens lashes for 36 hours with a magnetic forceThey’re Real Gimme Brow: Mascara with microfibers that gives your lashes great volume.Toiletry Bag Benefit

In addition to this, just by participating you will enter the 1 lot draw of Benefit products valued at €500.

How do I enter the Sephora giveaway?

Go into Benefit raffle and free samples.Click on ‘Time to win’Take the eyeliner to the center of the targetCopy the code to redeem in your next purchaseFill in the form with your personal information

Take part

You can participate until May 1 2022 but keep in mind that direct gifts could be sold out at any time.

When you get your code, check its validity dates so that you can make your purchase within its validity period.

To the winner of lottery of the batch of Benefit products, you will be contacted via email, so be very attentive to your notifications.


You can consult the legal bases on the same page of the promotion, (from here it does not let me link them).

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(Click on the category if you want to see more promotions of this type)Gift: Free samples of Benefit and draw of €500 in Benefit productsLink:Free samples and draw of €500 in Benefit products Mechanics: Click on ‘Time to win’, take the eyeliner to the center of the target, copy the code to redeem on your next purchase and fill in the form with your personal information Rules You can check the legal rules on the same page of the promotion, (from here it won’t let me link them). Time: 2 Minutes

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