€150 raffle to spend at Worten.es

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If you are a Eurofan, you can’t miss the game Worten of Eurovision songs that, if you guess them, can win you the €150 prize.

This weekend the winner of the festival will be finally decided Eurovisionand for you to start putting yourself in Eurovisive mode, enter the Worten networks.

Specifically on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles where you will find the game of the hidden song.

Try to participate in all of them to increase your chances of winning the prize:

€150 to spend in the online store Worten.

How do I participate in the Worten giveaway?

Instagram Giveaway:

Take part

Facebook Giveaway:

Take part

Twitter Giveaway:

Take part

Try to participate in all the eurovision song publications that they publish and as many times as you want

Keep in mind that you have time until 15 th of May from 2022

And stay tuned for your notifications in case you are a winner because you will only have 48 hours to respond and accept your prize.

Good luck!

You can check the legal bases in this link.

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(Click on the category if you want to see more promotions of this type)Gift: €150 to spend in the Worten online storeLink:€150 raffle to spend at Worten.es Mechanics:Follow the profile of @wortenes on Instagram, Facebook and Facebook, leave 1 comment with the answer to the hidden song, include the #EuroWisión and share the giveaway post in your stories tagging WortenBasesLinkTime:3 Minutes

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