Ducray raffles 15 anti hair loss routines

Fill in the form Ducray leaving your opinion on your favorite hair care and enter the draw for one of the fifteen anti-fall routines.

If you have problems with hair loss and you use Ducray hair loss products, participate, leave your opinion and you can get a prize to continue maintaining your strong and healthy hair.

Prizes include 15 lots of Ducray products containing:


It is an anti-loss food supplement that works in cases of chronic hair loss. Its formula with vitamin B2, B3, C, E, selenium, and Iron to strengthen and restore hair health. Value €20.75.


To complement hair loss treatments.

Its formula contains Monolaurin, an active ingredient that stops hair loss, Vitamin B6, B8 and Ruscus. 88% stronger and more resistant hair. Value €13.25.

How do I participate in the Ducray raffle?

Take part

You have time from June 30 to July 11 of 2022.

The draw will take place on 12th of July of 2022.

Go for it!

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