Draw of 9 packs of E50 and 1 Soy Localista

Participate in this raffle Eroski in which he raffles 9 packs Composed of 1 #localista Totebag and 1 €50 Eroski gift card.

This new campaign coins a new term: ‘Parochial’with which he wants to raise awareness of the importance of consuming local products.

And it is that to curb climate change, we can do our bit by doing local shoppingthat do not generate contamination in their transport.

With this, the Eroski supermarkets have carried out a manifest in which they explain why they call themselves ‘localists’ that you can see here.

If you are too, do not hesitate and participate in this draw in which you can win one of the 9 packs that are distributed on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that include:

1 gift card €50 and 1 tote bag. Each pack is valued at €51

How do I participate in the Eroski draw?

Facebook Giveaway:

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Instagram Giveaway:

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Twitter Giveaway:

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You can participate in the three social networks because in each one 3 prizes will be distributed.

But you must do it before July 13 from 2022 at 12:00 noon.

That same day, the draw will be held and the winners will be chosen and communicated through the same social network.

So be very attentive to your notifications

Local luck!

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