Draw of 8 lots with 2 Bio Oil pocket size oils

Get in this Facebook and Instagram giveaway of bio-oil one of the 8 lots that include 2 oils in 60 ml pocket format so you can take them wherever you want.

These oils are intended for repair scars, stretch marks, skin blemishes, dehydration and signs of aging.

And for the treatment to be carried out successfully you will have to apply it at least twice a day and for 3 months.

So with the pocket format you can take it with you and not lose the results of this treatment.

How do I participate in the Bio-Oil raffle?

Participate on Facebook:

Take part

Participate on Instagram:

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You can participate until October 21 of 2022 and the more people you mention, the more chances you have to win.

Saturday October 22 2022 the name of the 8 winners will be announced.

So be very attentive to Facebook and Instagram notifications.

Good luck!

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Written on: 10-18-2022 | (Valid until: 10-21-2022 or end of stock) | by Laura | Comment

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