Draw of 50 summer batches with COVAP shakes

The dairy of COVAP They want to accompany you during this summer and that is why they distribute 50 lots with a fridge, some shovels and 8 COVAP products.

Among all the COVAP products you will find alternatives for the little ones, for home athletes and for early risers.

All these based on the best dairy products so that your body always has the levels it needs for proper function and bone strength.

So participate because you have 50 chances to be one of the winners. The prize includes:

1 COVAP cooler1 set of beach shovels1 bottle of 1L of Strawberry Shake1 bottle of 1L of Chocolate Shake1 bottle of 1L of Vanilla Shake1 bottle of 250 ml of Smilke Protein vanilla flavor1 bottle of 250 ml of Smilke Protein chocolate flavor1 bottle of 225 ml of Smilke Café Espresso1 bottle of 225 ml of Smilke Café Cappuccino1 bottle of 225 ml of Smilke Café Macchiato

How do I participate in the Covap draw?

Go into 50 Summer Lots Giveaway.Click on “Try luck”Register and access with your emailFill in the form with your personal data

Take part

You can try your luck up to 3 times a day and try until August 12 of 2022.

You will immediately know if you have won. If so, you must accept it in less than 10 days via email.

Good luck!

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