Draw of 5 kg of cookie Dough and 25 tubs

Ben & Jerry’s raffles on his Instagram profile 5 prizes consisting of 1 kilogram of mini cookies Dough and 5 tubs of the flavor that you like the most.

Don’t miss out on this giveaway because this year, as summer has come in full force, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream can become the ambrosia of the season.

But in addition, with these prizes, you will also be able to enjoy the flavor of the mythical Cookie Dough in an exclusive and unique way.

Yes, that cookie with chocolate chips It goes perfectly with vanilla ice cream.

And it is that in this draw they will be distributed 5 prizes valued at €185.96 and each It includes:

1kg of Cookie Dough mini biscuits5 tubs of B&J Ice Cream of 465 ml each

How do I enter the Ben & Jerry’s Sweepstakes?

Take part

The more different friends you mention, the more chances you have to win.

Do it before 11:59 p.m. today, June 28th of 2022 because that will be when the draw closes.

The next day, the June 29 2022, the 5 winners will be chosen.

So be very careful in case they write to you by Direct Message on Instagram, telling you that you have won. You will only have 24 hours to accept the prize.

Good luck!

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