Draw of 20 Kinder Bueno Kits with runner bracelet

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We have an express giveaway on the Instagram profile of Kindergarten Good in which they distribute 20 lots with 9 Kinder Bueno packs and 1 runner bracelet.

This month the Kinder raffle has as its theme the sportso think of your friends who are runners, yogis, crossfitters or lovers of any other sport.

Because by tagging them, you can win one of the “sports” prizes and with which you will also be encouraged to practice that sport or that activity that you have been putting off for so long.

So don’t think about it and participate to take one of the 20 lots ‘sports’ that are distributed and that, each includes:

9 mini packs of Kinder Bueno valued at €31.431 runner bracelet valued at €9.45

How do I participate in the Kinder raffle?

Take part

You can participate until today, May 10 from 2022 at 23:59 hours

And the May 12 of 2022 the winners will be published.

So be very attentive in case they tell you that you have won.

Good luck!

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Written on: 05-10-2022 | (Valid until: 05-10-2022 or end of stock) | by Laura | Comment

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