Draw of 105 Somat batches for dishwashers

In this raffle Your Clubhouseeach day they will be distributing 5 lots of product Somat specific to take care of your dishwasher.

For 21 days incredible batches will be distributed with everything you need to keep your crockery and your machine in the best condition.

And it is that, in addition to the cleaning tablet, there are other products that will lengthen life of your kitchenware and your dishwasher.

So do not hesitate and participate in this draw in which spread:

105 lots including: 1 Somat Extra Drying Polish 500ml, 1 Somat Intensive Machine Cleaner, 1 Somat Deo-Duo Perls, 1 Somat Duo Extra Power Anti-Calc Machine Cleaner.

Each lot is valued at €15.44.

How do I participate in the Tu Casa Club draw?

Go into Draw of 105 Somat batches for dishwashers.Click on ‘Participate now’Indicate the appropriate place for each productClick on ‘Turn on’Fill in the form with your data and find out if you have been the winner

Take part

At the moment you will know if you take one of the 5 lots that are distributed that day.

You can participate every day until December 4th of 2022.

Keep in mind that if you order the products incorrectly, it will not let you see the final result.

If you don’t win, you can participate again every day and you will get a €1 discount coupon or similar to buy Somat products.

Luck! 🍀

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