Draw of 10 lots with 8 Vivera products

nursery raffles among her Instagram followers 10 incredible lots with 8 products, each one focused on personal care.

Discover all the Vivera products that respond to the specific needs of your skin and that you can find in the main pharmacy.

And they are products of Acofarmawhich have pharmaceutical quality and with which you will really notice improvements.

Start by discovering the best Vivera hygiene routine with one of the 10 lots that draw and that include:

Vivera dermatological gel (750ml).⁣Vivera detox repair shampoo.Vivera body lotion (400ml).⁣Vivera Aloe vera body gel (250ml).⁣Vivera lotus flower hand soap pill.⁣Vivera cherry blossom hand cream.⁣ Vivera fresh flower hand cream.⁣Vivera bag.⁣

How do I participate in the Vivera draw?

Take part

You can participate until July 20th of 2022 before 12:00 noon noon.

Leave as many comments as you can to increase your chances of winning by tagging different people.

That same day, at 1:00 p.m.the name of the winners will be published in stories.

Very attentive and good luck!

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