Draw of 1 pack of 2 glasses of the brand

Take care of your eyes this summer with Parafina ecological sunglasses by participating in this draw organized by the travel agency Xplore.

Meet the eroski travel agency Trips called Xplora with which you can find the best tips, destinations, weekend plans and everything you need for your vacation.

And since vacations are best spent under the sun’s rays, in this draw, Xplora wants to give you one of the most important forms of photoprotection: Sunglasses.

From the sustainable and ecological brand Parafina where you can find beautiful models made from 100% recycled and sustainable materials.

So do not think about it because it will be distributed:

1 pack with 2 paraffin glasses valued at €90

How do I participate in the Xplora draw?

Take part

You can participate until August 21 from 2022

On Monday August 22nd of 2022 the draw will be held and that same day the name of the winner will be published on the Instagram profile of @Xploraoficial

Very attentive in case it is your name that appears there because you will have 3 days to send it by private message to the brand’s profile @xploraoficial your name and two surnames, ID and contact telephone number.

Good luck!

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