Draw of 1 dinner for 4 pax worth E250

In this draw of the mythical ‘Beers 1906‘, if you manage to give the most original and funny answer, you get 1 dinner for 4 people valued at €250.

Since 1906, these brewmasters have been working to bring us incredible alternatives handcrafted and creative that are not easy to find in the market.

And it is that in their daily work, they are guided by a creative, free and authentic spirit.

Faithful to an artistic identity in which, through the creation of new beers, they find a way to express themselves to the world.

So if you haven’t tried any of the 1906 beers yet, don’t hesitate to take part in this draw where you just need, like them, a good dose of creativity and originality in your answer to win:

1 dinner for 4 people worth €250 in one of the restaurants associated with the Cervezas 1906 brand.

How do I participate in the draw for Cervezas 1906?

Take part

You can participate until May 30 from 2022

Before the 8 of June 2022, a jury will choose the most original answer and it will be designated as the winner and will be contacted via email.

So be very careful in case they send you an email, because in less than 2 days, you will have to respond accepting your prize.

If you win, you will be given a list of the restaurants, at a national level, associated with the brand among which you can exchange the prize.

Good luck!

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