Draw for 2400 Sprinter gift cards and 10 electric scooters

Raffle of Puleva in which by asking for one of their shakes in a bar or restaurant you can participate in the draw for gift cards and electric scooters.

in each of your small bottles shake, you will find a label with one of these sports: football, basketball, roller skating, skateboarding and surfing.

If you get collect all 5 tags of the different sports, and you are one of top 10 In claiming the prize, you will directly receive one of the 10 electric scooters valued at €250.

In addition, each milkshake label, whatever it may be, will be 1 participation to take one of the 2,400 Sprinter cards that are distributed:

1,800 €10 Sprinter gift cards to redeem on the web600 €20 Sprinter gift cards to redeem on the web

How do I participate in the Puleva draw?

Take part

You will instantly know if you have won one of the Sprinter gift cards.

In addition, you will accumulate the different sports labels as you use more Puleva milkshake codes.

You have time until September 30th from 2022

Try to accumulate all 5 sports as soon as possible because only 10 will be distributed to the first to achieve it.

Good luck!

You can check the legal bases in this link.

QUICK REFERENCE SHEETCategory:Sweepstakes by purchase
(Click on the category if you want to see more promotions of this type) Gift: 2,400 Sprinter gift cards and 10 electric scooters Link:Draw for 2,400 Sprinter gift cards and 10 electric scooters Mechanics:Order 1 Puleva shake in a 200ml glass bottle at a bar or restaurant, register or log on to the Puleva website and enter the promotional code behind the shake labelBasesLinkTime:3 Minutes + Purchase Time

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