Draw for 10 towels 10 backpacks and 5 Mangaroca cases

mangarock raffle among your Instagram followers 5 lots that includes, each one, 1 case with drinks, 2 towels and 2 backpacks of the brand.

Enjoy the best coconut liqueur drink with which you can surprise all your friends and make some delicious Piña Coladas or any other cocktail that you fancy.

You can enjoy the two alternatives of this brand that come in the official sleeve of Mangaroca:

Pure Coconut Shake, original from Brazil with a soft, creamy and natural touch. Coconut Shake, whose main ingredient is coconut and cachaça, ideal for preparing Piña Colada.

So don’t think about it because in addition to these two drinks, the 5 lots that are distributed include:

1 Case of Mangaroca with 1 bottle of Mangaroca Batida and 1 bottle of Mangaroca Pura Coco2 towels Whipped Mangora2 backpacks Whipped Mangora

How do I participate in the Mangaroca draw?

Take part

You can participate several times before the July 14 of 2022.

On Friday July 15 The name of the 5 winners will be published in stories and in the giveaway post.

Very attentive and good luck!

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