Draw for 1 year of Ausonia Extra Night free

Next to you brings us a new draw of ausonia with 30 winners in which we can win a year of Ausonia Noche Extra products.

Enjoy, during the remainder of the year, the fantastic compresses Ausonia Extra Night so that having the rule is not a concern and less during your hours of rest.

These wipes, in addition to being super long, are also super thin so that you practically don’t even notice them when you’re sleeping. And of course, you can finish adjusting them and make them immovable thanks to the wings

With the extra Ausonia Noche, you can cover up to 10 hours of continuous sleep without worrying about changing the pad thanks to its double coverage on the back and front.

So don’t think about it, because in less than 2 minutes you will be able to participate and take one of the prizes they distribute:

30 prizes of 5 Ausonia Extra Night packs for each winner.

How do I participate in the Ausonia draw?

Go into Draw of 30 prizes for 1 year of Ausonia Extra Night.Sign in or register on the Próxima a ti portalAnswer the questions about your purchasing habitsAnswer the last open question How would Ausonia Extra Night help you on your period nights?

Take part

You can participate before April 7 from 2022

try to be very original with the answer to the open question because it will be valued for obtaining the prize in terms of practicality and originality.

Once the participation period is over, stay tuned for your email notifications because at any time you could be notified that you have been the winner.

Good luck!

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