Draw for 1 pass for 4 people to the

One of the incredible events it organizes is back Rum Barcelo and this time, to say goodbye to summer, raffle 1 pass for 4 people to the ‘El Verano del Sí’ event.

This event will take place between 14 and 17 September 2022 at the Kampaoh Campground in Cadizan establishment that has modified the concept of ‘Camping’ making it more luxurious and comfortable.

And it is that instead of the classic tents, what you will find there are comfortable and beautiful Bell Tents with a capacity of up to 6 persons.

In addition to a super comfortable stay, this event will also have incredible music, more than 200 guestsbeach activities and very TOP artists.

Without a doubt, there is no better way to say goodbye to summer than by attending the ‘El Verano del Sí’ event, so get involved and cross your fingers because could you take:

1 invitation to stay and attend the event with 3 or 5 more friends Direct bus transportation (from Madrid / Seville / Cádiz) 4 days and 3 nights of accommodation in Kampaoh on an all-inclusive basis Travel insurance

This prize for 4 people is valued at €257.22 per person.

How do I participate in the Ron Barceló raffle?

Take part

You can participate until September 7th from 2022

Keep up to date with Ron Barceló’s Instagram profile because they contact the winner by Direct Message.

Furthermore, in the profiles of Instagram Y Twitter of Ron Barceló will be setting new challenges and contests so that you have more possibilities of winning this incredible prize in other ways.

Good luck!

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