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This weekend you can enjoy 3 free games through Steam, as one of its weekend promotions.

comes the Weekend and it is one of the most important moments for Steam, since Valve’s platform usually includes free proposals so that its millions of users can enjoy these titles without any additional cost, so that they can try them and discover what they are about without having to pay a single penny for them. This, of course, is done parallel to the great steam offers, where one of the best strategy and management games is available at a ridiculous price of 90% off, its all-time low. But let’s get to the important thing: the 3 Free Steam Games You Can Play Right Nowo.

As we usually warn you, this is a weekend promotion, so none of these three games can be added to your platform library forever, so that you will have them available to play for free only until next Monday, November 14, at which time they will cease to be active and will return to their usual price. However, they have discounts that you can take advantage of if you are interested enough to purchase them. These are the 3 free Steam games for this weekend.

Battlefield 2042

Do you like shooting games? Well, you will surely know the Battlefield saga if that is the case, so you will be delighted to know that Battlefield 2042 is totally free on Steam this weekend. In this way, through this delivery you can enjoy a proposal that invites you to adapt and improve yourself in Large-scale 128-player battles featuring dynamic storms, environmental hazards, total combat freedom, and signature Battlefield destruction They will show off very lively games, just as their official description says.

Download Battlefield 2042 FREE for Steam


We continue talking about FPS video games, which seem to be the main protagonists of this week on Steam. Nevertheless, with Squad this time you will face a tactical proposal with authentic combat experiences through teamwork, constant communication and realistic gameplay that will catch you from the first moment. Bridge the gap between arcade shooter and military simulation with 100 player battlescombined arms combat or base building, among other things, as mentioned on its Steam page.

Download Squad FREE for Steam

Flippin Misfits

Finally, we bring you a game that you are going to really enjoy with your friends, if you like to play in a group and have a great time. Flippin Misfits is a crazy online and group fighting game in which between 2 and 4 players will be able to fight intensely in arenas full of dangers and possibilities. All surfaces are in play, attacks come from everywhere and up becomes down at the push of a button.

Download Flippin Misfits FREE for Stea

By Geeke