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Mickey Mouse, original Disney character, in the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

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The Smash Bros franchise has been a benchmark for quite some time, and it is that there are not a few video games that have tried to enter the genre, but we cannot say that there are few that have failed. Yes, there are titles that have managed to last over time, such as Brawlhalla, the free title from Ubisoft, but the truth is that, unfortunately, we cannot say that this is the norm. Other video games like PlayStation All-Star Battle Royale, or more recently, Multiversus, have not managed to keep up, and be a true alternative to Super Smash Bros Ultimateone of the best games on Switch.

Even so, there are still companies that try to bring us a game of this style that succeeds, but to tell the truth it seems that this is extremely difficult, which only Nintendo is capable of achieving. Even so, by number of characters, it is very possible that Disney is the only one that could rival the big N, and that is that in addition to its classic animated characters, this company also has the Star Wars or Marvel licenses.

We say this, because now the existence of a Smash Bros-style game but from Disney has been leaked, which It would come to us in collaboration with Square Enixcompany also developer of the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

A risky idea, but interesting

Before beginning, we have to comment that all this must be taken with a grain of salt, since, as we will see below, this does not come from no totally reliable sourceso it could be totally false.

Going into more detail, this has been shared on Reddit by a user known as “MarkMero_”, who, instead of explaining something, has simply published the images of this supposed video game, images that show us the typography, which It comes to be copied from the one used in Kingdom Hearts. Likewise, if we assume that these captures are true, we can see that the provisional title of this project would be “Dominate Em’ All”, in a probable allusion to the Pokémon franchise.

In addition, it is necessary to comment that the year 2024 appears in the Copyright section, and this could be the year in which we receive the title. In addition, different companies appear, such as Disney/Pixar, Marvel, 20th Century Fox, Lucasfilm y Square Enix.

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By Geeke