Diesel crisis truckers cut the Buenos Aires La Plata highway

Truckers cut the Buenos Aires-La Plata highway, at the height of Dock Sud. It is in the context of the protests for the lack of diesel. With only one lane enabled, about 6 kilometers of congestion are recorded.

The protest began around 6 o’clock this Wednesday in the Dock Sud toll area in the Federal Capital and is carried out by truck owners who complain about the lack of diesel in different areas of the country.

Due to the cut, road safety personnel from the highway made detours at the Quilmes and Avellaneda exits, while the road authorities recommended not taking the highway and looking for alternative routes so as not to suffer delays.

The protest over the diesel crisis thus extends to the center of the country. This Tuesday, an indefinite strike began in Tucumán.

According to the latest survey of the Argentine Federation of Business Entities of Freight Transport (FADEEAC), there are 21 provinces affected by the lack of fuel. In 14 of them, very low or no supply is recorded at service stations.

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By Geeke