minion logo

If you love the Despicable Me series, you can make your own Minion logo. There are a variety of ways to create your own logo, including using fabric, felt, and duct tape. You can even use black Duck Tape to make your logo. Sticky back black felt is also an option.

Despicable Me

In Despicable Me 2, the logo is a bit different than the previous versions. Instead of Tom and Stuart walking side by side and chiming in unison, the logo simply features the name of the company. The Despicable Me logo was designed by Universal Pictures. You can download the logo in Adobe Illustrator if you wish.

There are many variations of the logo. One version doesn’t include Minions. It features letters on the ground. In another, Chloe the Cat notices a green feather next to the letter. She tries to pluck it gently, but instead pushes it forward and then looks at it in surprise.

The Minions were designed by Eric Guillon, a veteran artist who had worked on the previous Illumination films. He also created the Minions’ logo, which features the “G” logo on the overalls of the 2010 version.

Despicable Me 2

Despicable Me 2 has a new logo. Instead of a cartoon minion, the movie’s logo depicts a singing minion. Tom and Stuart are two of the main characters in the film. They sing the song ‘TA-DAAA!’, but Tom pushes them away off-screen.

The movie takes place in a world where a super-bad turned super-dad called Gru is in a position to stop the lethal muscle. In order to do so, he must team up with secret agent Lucy Wilde and the Anti-Villain League. Meanwhile, he must balance his responsibilities as a dad and a secret agent.

The Secret Life of Pets

A new animated film from Illumination, the studio behind the hit Minions, aims to give viewers an inside look at the secret life of pets. The story revolves around the mischief these pets get up to while their owners are away. The film is full of clever moments and a sophisticated sense of humor. The movie is recommended for families of all ages.

The story focuses on Max and Duke, two lovable minion dogs who have been rescued from the pound. But when they get lost in Manhattan, they are forced to face a scrappy gang of alley cats and sewer-dwelling pets. The misfits are led by the psycho bunny Snowball.

Despite the fact that this movie is a comedy, the stories are not as well-developed as those of other animated movies. For example, in the Mower Minions, the gang watches a prank video with the intention of raising money for a blender. Despite the hilarity of these plots, the minions still manage to make the movie entertaining.

By Geeke