Deputies begins today the treatment in commissions of projects on single paper ballot

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To make it possible to call this plenary session, the integration of the commissions of Constitutional and Justice Matterswhere the official Hernán Pérez Araujo and Rodolfo Tailhade, respectively, were re-elected as presidents.

In Constitutional Matters, the front of all (TF) and Together for Change (JxC) will each have 17 members, while the remaining vacancy will be filled by a member of the Federal interbloc.

In the Justice Commission, meanwhile, the two main spaces of the chamber will have 15 representatives each and the remaining place will be for the Federal interblock.

In the debate on the single ballot, eight projects prepared by Silvia Lospennato (PRO), Pablo Tonelli (PRO), Jorge Enríquez (PRO) -mandate fulfilled-; Emilio Monzó (Federal Encounter), Gustavo Menna (UCR) -mandate fulfilled-; Enrique Estévez (Socialism) and Alejandro ‘Topo’ Rodríguez (Identidad Bonaerense).

The treatment of the project on the single ballot was resolved last week, after the opposition advanced to request a special session to debate it last Thursday, based on a request that had sufficient support to reach a quorum.

But on Wednesday, about the hour, the ruling party neutralized that move, although to get the treatment of its productive agenda it had to give in to the opposition’s proposal.

In the scheme outlined by JxC, meetings are also planned on Tuesday 17 and 24, to finally seek an opinion on Wednesday, May 31, as a previous step to the aspiration of taking the issue to the venue in the first fortnight of June.

The single paper ballot initiative, promoted by the Together for Change interblock, is also promoted by a sector of civil society organizations headed by the Red Ser Fiscal, which has collected more than 180,000 signatures on a petition created on the platform de Change ( ) to claim the sanction of this rule for the 2023 general elections.

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