Daily raffle of the new Trapa chocolates

Every day until Christmas you can participate in the draw for the Trapa chocolates and choose to win a pack with their new chocolates.

These are the new ranges: Sublime Chocolates and Sublime Chocolates 0% Added Sugars

The first It includes milk chocolate, white chocolate with lemon and dark chocolate with almonds.

While the second comes in two flavorsPairing: milk chocolate and dark chocolate with almonds.

These chocolates are gluten free and like all Trapa products they do not use palm oil.

How do I participate in the Trapa draw?

Take part

They will give away a lot every day (except weekends and holidays) until December 23th 2022, which is when the promotion ends.

Remember that you can participate in the three social networks mentioned and thus increase your chances of winning.

Luck! 🍀

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