Coronavirus in Argentina: confirmed 1428 new cases and 21 deaths

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The Ministry of Health of the Nation published a new coronavirus report: as reported, in the last 24 hours they were registered 1,428 new cases and 21 deaths in Argentina.

In this way, there are already 9,059,351 confirmed cases and 128,306 fatalities in Argentina. The assets, meanwhile, add 39,739 and people discharged total 8,889,899.

In turn they made 14,425 tests to detect the disease, and they are already 35.696.380.9, while the patients who remain hospitalized with COVID-19 in the different intensive care units (ICU) in the country are 412.

Let us remember that the Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, indicated that a second booster dose against the coronavirus will be applied to those over 50 years of age, those with risk conditions, health personnel, members of the security forces and teachers.

In addition, the Federal Health Council (Cofesa) explained that as of Monday, covid surveillance will be integrated with that of acute respiratory diseases of presumed viral origin. You can read more here.

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