Halloween is just around the corner! Instead of playing a video game this year, you can be the main character yourself by wearing one of these amazing video game costumes. It’s easy to put together and it makes for an unforgettable night! From retro Nintendo games to big players in mobile gaming, we’ve culled together some choice costumes that look like they were pulled straight from out favorite games — including steam punk — and we’ve even thrown in a few controller and peripheral-themed getups for good measure (not to mention one Star Trek uniform). If you care to dress up like a super star this Halloween, then go ahead and check out our gallery of the best video game Halloween costumes you can buy.

Whether you’re looking to embody that epic boss battle or just dress as something fun, these gaming costumes are sure to be a hit among gamers everywhere. Dressing up will allow you to participate in all kinds of games from role playing games with your friends to classic video games for retro entertainment, the key is feeling comfortable with who you’re portraying and there aren’t many things more awesome than being a powerful fighter that doesn’t compromise their sense of style.

Cool Video Game Costumes

1. Mario Cosplay From Super Mario

There can be a lot of different Mario costumes that people just don’t know which one to pick. There is even a version that comes with a Yoshi costume part for your head. However, this particular outfit can be quite hard to handle to wear and even harder not to rip because the inflatable pump is difficult to make work and control. The best Mario costume on Amazon can be spotted pretty quickly online.

Video Game Costumes For this Halloween

This Video Game Costumes use of durable, high-quality fabric and has been approved by genuine Nintendo officials. This particular outfit makes for a level of jaw-dropping authenticity we haven’t seen in other versions all over the place. Want to know how you can get an outfit like this? Just check out our review to learn all about it!

2. Fortnite Fishstick Pirate Costume

Video Game Costumes For this Halloween

If you’re tired of the same old Halloween costume ideas year after year, then this Fortnite-themed article is for you! The Fortnite Fishstick Pirate Costume features a polyester tunic with screen print design. It also includes a headpiece and armbands. This fun and whimsical video game cosplay Ideas will wow everyone at your next Halloween party!

3. Samus Aran, Metroid

Video Game Costumes For this Halloween

The armored suit was very streamlined and detailed – a testament to Miller’s attention to detail. It also included scenes from her travels through space, as each scuff on the armor revealed another tale about an adventure amidst treacherous enemies! In preparation for “Metroid Dread”, fans can now take a look at this realistic cosplay to envision their own apocalyptic adventures!

4. Mercy, Overwatch

Video Game Costumes For this Halloween

Cosplayer Effymia who goes by the name of Mercy brought a beautiful, cartoonish version of the “Overwatch” character to life at the 2018 London Comic Con. Effymia who competed in the Euro Cosplay Championships managed to achieve 7th place for her portrayal of Mercy. The cosplayer said that she worked hard to make sure everything was true to what you see in-game for this depiction of Mercy.

This is one of the most elegant looking Video Game Costumes of this year you can try!

5. Sub-Zero Halloween Costume Mortal Kombat

Video Game Costumes For this Halloween

Whether it’s Halloween or not, a ninja costume is always cool! Sub-Zero will be especially popular now as he is appearing in the tenth installment of Mortal Kombat. This warrior from the fictional universe of Mortal Komba is now more popular than ever before.

6. Minecraft Costume Zombie Pigman Outfit

Video Game Costumes For this Halloween

If your kid wants to walk around with a square-shaped mask, then do it! A Minecraft Zombie Pigman is an amusing costume for any occasions. If the heat of the day gets too unbearable for you to bear, you’re sure to let loose if you wear this costume into your neighborhood’s summer festival!

7. Garen, League of Legends

Video Game Costumes For this Halloween

Garen is one of the most popular champions in the game “League of Legends”. There are many fans who cosplay him at many different gaming conventions, but I think that Karash Cosplay’s Garen costume takes the cake! It featured his signature blue armor with gold-plating. Alone with this, Garen would have been enough to make my top ten most iconic “League of Legends” Video Game Costumes list.

8. Bloodhound Costume from Apex Legends

Video Game Costumes For this Halloween

The children’s costume is a simple outfit that consists of a shirt, a belt and pants with an attached tail. The mask is one-sided, and the shirt has printed details. This makes it easy for parents at a party to dress the children in and out quickly because of how easy it is to change their clothes on them with all you have available to you at once.

9. Ann, Persona 5

Video Game Costumes For this Halloween

The beautiful Ann Takamaki from “Persona 5” is one of the most beautiful video game costumes of this year. While Ann was unfortunately involved in a few cringeworthy scenes in “Persona 5,” there was nothing embarrassing on display in her cosplay at the event. This Panther outfit, which sported an expertly molded, panther-like mask, perfectly tousled velvet tresses, and a fitted red jumpsuit with the character’s name emblazoned on both sides of the chest area – catnip for booklovers.

10. Squid Game Green Tracksuit

Video Game Costumes For this Halloween

This is not a video game, not yet anyway. Netflix had a hit with this TV show. Their latest venture features a best-selling halloween costume of this year. If you’re a fan of the show, don’t let the opportunity to dress up as your favorite character pass you by. Right now, Amazon have featured item number 067 for character Kang Sae-byeok, who is one of the most popular characters from the show that was released last year. You can also purchase alternatives such as Player 001 (Oh Il-nam), 218 (Cho Sang-woo), 240 (Ji-yeong), and 456 (Seong Gi-hun).

11. Aloy and Rost, Horizon Zero Dawn

Video Game Costumes For this Halloween

The costumes were extremely accurate to how they appear on screen which included deadly bow and arrows as well as short haircuts for both male and female. It’s not surprising that these fans went so far as to go up close to 1:1 with the display as “Horizon Zero Dawn” released last year and has already sold millions of copies worldwide which makes its popularity grow even more as we can’t wait to see what “The Forbidden West” will bring us soon!

12. Money Heist Mask and Costume

Video Game Costumes For this Halloween

Once again, this pop culture iconic hit TV show can be made as Video game in future, praying for it! The Salvador Dali masks the characters wear to remain anonymous is a symbol of resistance and pride in Spanish culture. Be a part of this uprising in your own home with the replica mask that bears a striking resemblance to Dalí’s visage – it has slicked black hair, wide eyes and an upturned mustache!

Like a superhero’s cape, a “Money Heist” costume is so recognizable for one simple reason: it’s red. The vibrant hue tells us that the wearer is willing to stand up and fight for what they believe in so we can be confident that this person will stick by our side no matter what.

13. Princess Zelda, The Legend of Zelda

Video Game Costumes For this Halloween

“The Legend of Zelda” has come a long way since its original version for the NES in 1986. From cute cartoon girl to gorgeous woman, Zelda’s character has changed numerous times through the years. However, she is still as beautiful as ever even if her latest incarnation seems somewhat more serious than her previous ones.

It can be your this years Video Game Costumes list and impress your nerdy friends with your look.

14. Among Us

Video Game Costumes For this Halloween

The vibrant characters from “Among Us” make for a fun and colorful family costume that’s an especially great option for those who have children who are fans of the online social deduction game. This one is most addictive game of this year. So people gonna looking for this video game costumes on online for sure.

One-Piece costumes are meant to be worn in one piece. They are very comfortable, which is why they are perfect for your InnerSloth avatars.

15. Doom Slayer

Video Game Costumes For this Halloween

This costume is a fairly low-effort, high reward kind of getup. You can dress up like the Doom Slayer by just getting some green clothes and calling it a day – or you can get an armored shirt and pants if you’re up for that level of commitment. Either way, what brings it all together is that iconic mask of his face. So, this is a best video game halloween costumes of this year to try.

As long as you show up wearing the head of a demon goblin for this halloween, you’ll be sure to cause people to look your way! If you really want to go the extra mile with this costume, get some paint colored red and dilute it so it mixes with water comfortably on your skin (don’t forget eye protection during this process please!). Now just scratch symbols into your body like how demons would claw you – but also like how someone might cut themselves while shaving or maybe while doing something else that leaves marks on their skin!? And then BOOM – Halloween costume success.

Final Words,

So, have you decided your gaming characte costume for th is halloween yet?

Video game costumes are great for starting conversations, especially when people can relate to the costumes in some way. Some popular gaming franchises include Mortal Kombat, Among Us, and Fortnite. If you or your child are a gaming fan looking for a recognizable costume that will get you tons of compliments this Halloween, we hope this list provides inspiration so you can find the right video game costume for yourself or your family!

Have a coolest Halloween!

By Geeke