People of different ages love playing various games. Some of us prefer video games while others love more old-fashioned entertainments like board games, foosball, billiard, etc. Such a pastime has become even more popular in response to social restrictions and stay-at-home order due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Both seasoned and new gamers agree that it’s just great to have a dedicated space with cool gaming setups where you can relax or do a battle with your partner. So what are the best gaming setup ideas for less cost? Let’s find out below.

The good thing is that you don’t always need a large room to get maximum gaming experience. An attic, basement, workstation, or even a corner in the living room can do the work for you.

In this post, we’ve put together our favorite design ideas that include awesome gaming setups. So, keep reading to get a healthy dose of inspiration to design a perfect environment for playing games.

Best Video Game Room Design Ideas : Why You Need one!

When designing a space to play video games, the first thing to consider is the room size. It depends on your gaming habits. Are you a solo gamer? Well, the right-organized corner in the living room might be totally enough for you. Do you like hosting friends for a game night? Then you’ll need a spare room with top gaming setups.

Cool Gaming Setup Ideas

Next, you should take into account what type of equipment you use. For instance, PC gaming commonly requires less space for computer setup, hence you can create your own slice of heaven in almost any corner of the house. Conversely, modern consoles, dual monitor gaming setups, theatre screens, and other sizable gear require a spare, dedicated room. This can helpful for a longterm good gaming experience.

To sum up, before choosing a design for gaming room setup ideas, think carefully about your needs, habits, and the type of gaming setup.

Now, it’s time to take a closer look at our favorite and best gaming setup ideas for your awesome gaming experience..

Cool Gaming Setup Ideas on a Budget

1. Gaming setup in A Small Bedroom

gaming setup in A Small Bedroom

You don’t have to give up on your gaming even if you live in a home where space is luxury. Why not create a satisfactory gaming environment right inside your bedroom? So let us show you the best Gaming Setup Ideas before your buy unnecessary stuff that will waste your money.

  • De-clutter the room, remove rarely used or decorative pieces of furniture.
  • Get a compact desk for gaming setups, a gaming chair, a gaming PC, and a light-up keyboard.
  • Install a big light bar above the screen to minimize its brightness.
  • Stick a LED strip behind the PC screen, it looks gorgeous and adds drama.
  • Place a minimalistic shelf above the bed to keep gaming DVDs there.

Bonus Gaming setup idea for a small room:

  • Mount the LED screen on the wall
  • Decorate the walls creatively with wallpaper patterns similar to your favorite game.

2. A Game Corner in the Sitting room

As we touched on, you don’t have to give up all hopes just because you haven’t got enough space for gaming! What about your living room? Let’s try to maximize the available space there! Living rooms are commonly pretty large, so you can locate your gaming setup there.

Leave your existing furniture where it is, you don’t really have to rearrange anything. Just make sure that the gaming gear and furniture face a different direction from the direction of the TV. You can place your gaming set to the right or left of the television set. Next, you should arrange the chairs in such a way that they won’t obstruct movements or sight when you watch movies.  

3. Work & Game Space

Do you work from home? It means you have your own workstation, and you can incorporate a gaming setup there. Well, for many people, designing a gaming corner in the home office may not sound like a good idea. However, for those who can efficiently manage their time and focus, it can be just a brilliant idea and for a good reason. Setting up a gaming corner will help you unwind and relax when you are doing challenging projects, or trying to meet deadlines, or just get too tired. Why not use your best handheld massager to relieve tense muscles and then play a bit to reduce the mental stress? You can even use the gaming setup presence as a good motivation for work – set a work goal and attach minutes of playing to it as a reward.

If you decide to combine work and game space, make sure you get a good desk and chair for gaming setups, mount a LED screen on the wall above your computer, and use contemporary shelves for storing video games. If you like, add ambient lighting behind the screens to boost the gaming atmosphere. This is one of the most important Gaming Setup Ideas that we find it useful for all type of gamers.

4. Family Gaming Space

Like having your friends around for a game night? Is your soulmate a gaming fanatic too? Then having a dedicated room is a must for you! You’ll need at least two big screens and a desk with a double screen PC ready to accommodate more gamers. Place an indigo LED light strip under the screens, it’ll definitely become the centerpiece of the room and illuminates the whole gameplay. Feel free to use the existing cabinets to store consoles and DVDs; if it’s not enough, add a shelving unit, and no chaos will enter your gaming room. A comfy couch, coffee table, and minibar will create a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

Let your friends and family shoot enemies and zombies in an ultimately comfortable atmosphere!

5. Deluxe Gaming Room

If you are a happy owner of a big house, why not create your own gaming paradise? Obviously, you are going to invest in a pro gaming setup, but let’s talk a bit about room design!

First, you have to decide on the cabinets and shelves where you’ll store all your pads, titles, discs, installation setups, and so on. Second, choose room decorations – what about a full gaming-themed design with your favorite game characters right on your walls? It’ll put you in the mood for gaming and serve as a silent, yet efficient source of inspiration. You can also add full-sized figurines from the motion pictures and TV franchises. Finally, you should consider the lighting. The correct way is to install the light on the back of the screens and on the ceiling. Such a setting improves the tone of the room and boosts gaming atmosphere, so players comfortably focus on the screens while playing.

If the room is big enough, you can also keep their arcade machines, game boards and other non-computerized types of games.

5 Perfect Gaming Setup Accessories

1. High-quality Screens

Cool Gaming Setup Ideas

While playing, you need to see the overall picture, focus on different areas of the screen in order to process several visual cues at once, that’s why you should select large-sized, premium-quality screens. Such screens influence your overall gaming experience. However, they come at a hefty price, so do some research and decide whether you really need all the bells and whistles. 

2. High-quality Speakers

Cool Gaming Setup Ideas

One of the critical things when gaming is the sound effect since it boosts tension and excitement. Therefore, if you don’t install high-quality speakers, you won’t experience the whole package.

Opt for speakers with Bluetooth that provide a wireless connection, hence lessen messy and tangled cables in your room.

3. Proper Wiring

Even with simple gaming setups, gamers need several outlets to run all their equipment. Console, display screens, PC, speakers, charges – all of them require an electrical source.

So, ensure that outlets are located near your gaming spot. Besides, it would be smart to invest in a power strip with a surge protector or an uninterruptible power supply, they’ll prevent your gear from being damaged if power spikes or surges happen. You can check this guide on the best way to handle your wiring management guide by wired.

4. Amazing Gaming Headset

Gaming Setup Accessories

No one likes to play when they can’t hear what’s going on. With the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2, you have superhuman hearing optimized for PC gaming with Waves MaxxAudio technology so you can hear all the subtle yet game-changing sounds, like enemy footsteps and reloads. But wait, it gets even better! It has presets onboard so you can customize your audio experience by creating your own presets utilizing this 10 band equalizer. Its 3D audio feature gives an immersive experience with its 50mm Nanoclear Speakers in 3D audio using pinpoint location accuracy and lifelike sound.

5. Best affordable gaming chair under $200 – EWin Knight Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming

best gaming chair

A quality, ergonomic gaming chair is designed to keep you ultimately comfortable while you are playing for long hours. It minimizes strain on the body through robust lumbar support. Some of the top-notch chairs feature a built-in back massage! In addition, the market offers various design solutions that will complement both classy and funny gaming setups.  

Made from premium quality PVC leather with stain resistant characteristics, the Knight Series has an extra dense foam padding that adds great support and comfort.

6. Gaming Desks – E-WIN 2.0 Edition RGB Gaming Desk

best gaming desk

Not only is the E-WIN 2.0 an excellent gaming desk, but it is also a very comfortable place to sit and do some work as well! The wide surface of the desk provides more than enough space for you to spread out all your office equipment and still have plenty of room left over. And thanks to its sturdiness, this would make an excellent spot for doing anything from working on a university project, to hosting a meeting with potential investors – we can see many practical uses for this stunning flat-pack model!

In order to increase your immersion in the gaming world, E-WIN added RGB lighting effects onto their gaming desks. And you can choose specific matching colors or make it respond with multicolor light shows. It’s like setting up a new mood for every game! Plug one of the USB cables into your gaming computer, gaming laptop, Xbox or PS4 and BOOM; you’ve got yourself some RGB LED lights – no PC software installation needed.

The E-WIN RGB gaming desk is made of high-strength aluminum frame legs for maximum stability and this ensures that your gaming rig is kept safely above the ground, away from dust and dirt.

A well-designed gaming room is the dream of every gamer. We hope our post will help you to realize your dream.

If you have any good ideas on how to organize a top gaming setup tips, share them with us in the comment section below.

7. Finger Friendly Keyboard

Gaming Setup Accessories

The Razer Cynosa offers a massive, fully visible surface area for you to program its keyboard with any color you’d like. Its programmable macro capability works perfectly with a Razer Viper Gaming Mouse, which, as it happens, also has a fully visible color-display casing so you can have your mouse free up that extra space on your desktop for other pieces of equipment. The Razer application will allow you to pair those devices and sync the lights to flash as well as change colors to reflect what’s going on in your game as you’re playing.

Gaming Room Setup FAQ

What Should I Put In My Gaming Room?

So, the list of gaming room necessities is pretty long. For starters, you will need quality gaming chairs or couches to be comfortable enough to spend hours relaxing without feeling any kind of pain in your back. Quality speakers are also brilliant for good audio effects – even though at times sound conditions might not be ideal (too mush noise outside for example). You can’t really play if you can’t hear everything that’s going on, right?! That’s why wireless headphones are also indispensable since they allow you to not let noise disturbance take over.

How Much Would A Gaming Room Setup Cost?

Typically, a proper arcade-worthy game room setup will cost at least $3,000. You can spend much more than this, depending on the quality of accessories and the type of equipment you’re using.

However, if you’re on a really tight budget, you could end up spending much less than $1,000. It all boils down to how well you can repurpose items in your space and the kind of products you choose for your game room. Either way you can still have maximum fun when playing games.

Bonus: Perfect Gaming Room Setup Ideas By a Gamer

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