Colgate Max White Free Samples

Colgate is handing out free samples of its Max White Ultra Active Foam toothpaste from ads on Instagram and Facebook.

With her you will say goodbye to stains caused by food and drink on your teeth in just 3 days.

That way you can drink your coffee without leaving any trace on your teeth.

When ordering samples from an ad There is no direct link but I will tell you the steps to follow so that it is more likely that it will come out and you can request them:

How do I get a free sample from Colgate?

Follow Hang on Facebook me Instagram.Interact with the publications you like by leaving a comment, a like, etc. Check your newsfeed (news that the social network shows you) on Facebook or Instagram.

Request Sample

if you get sign up for the ad by clicking on the button or the bar that it has.

Enter your data and the sample will arrive at your home after a few weeks/months.

Sometimes the ads do not appear but if you are going to review your social network, take advantage and pay attention to the image of our post in case you get a very similar one.

Note: I leave an estimated end date of promotion, below, to follow up.

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