Club Carrefour raffles E100 for the ChequeAhorro

If you are part of the Club Carrefourdo not hesitate to participate in this Facebook draw in which 1 prize of €100 to accumulate them in your Savings Check.

And if you are not yet partneryou can sign up and start enjoying this and many other advantages such as other draws, prizes, discounts, coupons, news, etc.

So if you can think of a thousand ways to take advantage of this prize in your supermarket CarrefourDo not hesitate and participate.

The prize is €100 that you will receive in the form of an accumulation on your Club Carrefour ChequeAhorro card that you can use in your Carrefour purchases.

How do I participate in the Carrefour draw?

Take part

You can participate until October 2nd from 2022

Try to leave more than 1 comment tagging different people to increase your chances of winning.

A jury will choose the most original answer and select it as the winner.

So use your imagination and stay tuned in case you are chosen.

From 3 to October 9 The winner will be announced through the same comment.

Good luck!

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