Claudio Paul Cannigia will be investigated for gender violence against Mariana Nannis

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Claudio Paul Caniggia He was summoned by the Justice and will be subjected to investigation for exercising gender violence against his ex-wife Mariana Nannis. The former footballer must appear before the Courts on March 22 and the hearing will be held via Zoom.

The call for inquiry was made by Prosecutor No. 42, at the request of Dr. Charles Velarde and arranged by the Buenos Aires criminal and correctional judge Pablo Ormaechea.

According to the complaint, the alleged incident occurred on May 5, 2018 at the Faena hotel in the City of Buenos Aires. According to Nannis, Cannigia wanted to have sex and she refused.

Given her refusal, the former player of the Argentine National Team would have threatened her with death and punched her who was his wife from 1988 to 2020 and is the mother of his three children: charlotte, Alexander and kevin axel.

“Claudio Paul Caniggia is accused of the event that occurred on May 5, 2018, where he tried to have sexual relations with his then-wife, Mariana Belén Nannis Silles, but when she refused, he told him ‘I’m going to kill you, you daughter of a bitch’ and punched him in the face,” reads the 12-page document.

After being the victim of the alleged sexual attack, Nannis reportedly told Caniggia that she was going to report him and would have received as a response: “If you file a report, your head will roll. If you walk out that door I’m going to kill you. Son of a bitch, you don’t leave me here alone, ”she adds.

In the file, Nannis’s friends testified as witnesses who, under oath, ratified what the victim said in her complaint and accompanied her story, claiming to have been aware of Caniggia’s violence against Nannis for some time.

Last year Mariana Nannis was subjected to an expert report after denouncing Claudio Paul Caniggia for simple sexual abuse. At that time and on the air of the cycle of shows THE M, Angel of Brito read the results.

In the first place, the report indicated that the participation of the media during the virtual meetings was “collaborative, self-assured and correct, responding cordially to the questions asked, showing a good predisposition to carry out this evaluation.”

It also added that “his statements tend to be verbiage with little productive detail and poor essential information” and that “his references in relation to the facts investigated are accompanied by a neutral emotional tone, with little emotional resonance being observed.”

Throughout the expertise, Nannis reviewed her history from childhood to the present. Speaking of her marriage to the player, she reported that her relationship was “conflictive almost from the beginning of the bond” and described her ex as “manipulative, psychopath, cocaine addict, sick and violent.”

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