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AI has come to game development to stay.

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AIs are here to stay. In recent weeks we have seen how large software companies are applying AI technology to their products, be it Microsoft in Office, Adobe in its editing tools like Photoshop, Google, Bing and a very long etc. Videogames do not escape either, since apart from being able to program a game in a matter of hours without prior knowledge, the artificial intelligence of ChatGPT comes to Unity with the promise of revolutionizing everything.

unity is one one of the most widely used graphics engines in the world in independent projects for its simplicity and possibilities to create experiences of all kinds. Unity has proven in recent years to be a graphics engine just as capable as the largest of creating top-level experiences with a photorealistic finish, and now it has ChatGPT integration to be easier to use than ever.

Everything ChatGPT is capable of in Unity

Unity already has support for ChatGPT through a plugin that has been shown in action through a clip that the developer Kejiro Takahashi has shared through his personal Twitter account. In it we can see the developer enter instructions in the program with natural language and the AI ​​interprets it creating objects through the editor, moving and duplicating them. Just a sample of everything that this would be capable of doing. textual model AI in a graphics engine to simplify development processes.

As we said when ChatGPT was able to program its own version of Pong, it is highly unlikely that the AI ​​would end up replace human developersUntil now, he has not shown to have that level of natural creativity that characterizes people, he only knows how to receive directions (although he does it impressively). Undoubtedly, its great utility lies in that of simplify processes, shorten times and bring game development closer to more people, without having to have all the necessary knowledge. We will see how this technology evolves in the coming years, but it aims to be revolutionary.

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By Geeke