Catit raffles 6 PIXI Snack Dispensers

Fill out the form to participate in the monthly draw for catit and enter the draw 6 dispensers of Snacks PIXI.

These adorable dispensers snacks for cats They have the double function of feeding and encouraging your pet.

They make them play and work to get a small portion of tasty reward.

The PIXI Snack Dispensers have an opening that can be adjusted to offer greater or lesser difficulty and its heavy base means that it is always standing up.

These dispensers are available in Models: mouse and rooster.

How do I participate in the Catit raffle?

Participating in the draw is an exclusive benefit for Catit Para Ti members, so if you are not yet a member, fill in the form right away. “Catit Monthly Raffle For You Try It Keep It”Fill in the form with the requested data.

Take part

The winners of the draw will be contacted by e-mail.

In exchange for the free Catit products they will ask you for a review and/or opinion of the product once you try it with your cat.

If you want to participate in the next monthly draws, you will have to fill in the form again when the draw for the month of November is available.

Go for it!

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