Catit raffles 3 Vesper Treehouse

Fill out the form to participate in the monthly draw for catit and enter the draw for 3 Vesper Treehouse.

There are three models of the new scratching trees Vesper Treehouse cat play set, inspired by nature.

The sisal scratcher is extra thick and ideal for your cat to de-stress.

can be hang toys from the wooden poles (which simulate tree branches) and is an excellent play option for your cat.

They are ideal for lounging in the hanging hammock and hiding in the high-quality fabric shelter.

Have removable cushions for easy cleaning and allows individual replacement of any part that is worn by use.

How do I participate in the Catit raffle?

Take part

The winners of the draw will be contacted by e-mail.

In exchange for the free Catit products they will ask you for a review and/or opinion of the product once you try it with your cat.

If you want to participate in the next monthly draws, you will have to fill in the form again when the October draw is available.

Go for it!

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